Assessment and Reporting

Reporting to parents about their child’s progress is given the highest priority at Moonee Ponds West PS.

Parent/carer, teacher and student conferences occur twice a year and at other times as needed or requested. These interviews are generally held over a one-week period. All participants contribute information at these interviews with the student’s Self Evaluation being presented and their Learning Portfolio discussed. Formal reports are sent home prior to the interview. These reports document achievements, areas for improvement (the next step), home and school strategies to achieve the next step and attendance data.

At Moonee Ponds West Primary School we formally report to parents/ carers via written reports twice a year. At present, the application we use is the Accelerus Light Reporting Program. Each year a timeline for reporting to parents/ carers is developed. To assist in ensuring a smooth process the following will be in place:

Our school’s Accelerus Light Reporting coordinator will email you instructions on when and how to upload your reports to your computer at a nominated time. In many cases a copy of your ‘Comment Database’ is requested before you begin the process of writing reports. You will be assigned a ‘buddy’ who will read a selection of your reports before they are passed on to your PCO. Once reports are completed they are to be updated to the server with a copy of the ‘Non-comment results’ printed and passed on to your PCO.

As you receive your reports from your PCO you will need to make the required changes and update. You will also need to pass on the pages to specialist if changes are required. They will pass these back to you when they have made the changes and also updated to the server. Once done, they will need to be passed back to the Quick Vic Reporting coordinator who will print the final colour copy.

Once printed they will be placed in your pigeon hole ready for you to sign. There will also be envelopes and address labels (which you will need to attach) before sending them out on the designated date as well as a covering letter.

Reports will be downloaded to the T drive under ‘Student Reports’ with the year first, then semester, then area of the school e.g. 5/6.

To assist the following may be of help:

  • Have someone read your comment database – many of the errors were repeated throughout reports (as listed above).
  • In the areas for improvement only choose two or three Each one must follow through with the ‘What the school will do’ and ‘What you can do at home’.
  • Subjects begin with a capital letter.
  • Use the same name/preferred name though-out the report.