The Camping Program Co-ordinators have the joint responsibility for co-ordinating our camping program. Moonee Ponds West Primary has a strong history of outdoor education with a variety of locations visited in a rotation. Included in our camping program are:

  • P/1 Activity Night
  • Grade 2 Sleepover
  • Grade 3/4 3 day camp
  • Grade 5/6 5 day camp

Also, students may have the chance to attend:

  • a 5 day Cluster Group Instrumental Music Camp (5/6)
  • the Somers 10 day camp

When pricing a camp, it is imperative that all costs are coveredand that a minimum number is determined to ensure this occurs. This must be done in consultation with the PCO, Business Manager and the Camping Coordinator. Please see the school’s Business Manager with regards to costings including calculating of GST. The documents for approval need to go to the Education Sub-Committee prior to being presented to School Council. This needs to be done well in advance of the camp dates, for School Council approval and submission to the DET.

All students going on a camp need to provide a signed permission note and medical form. If a parent has not completed the permission note or medical form for their child then we are unable to take the student on the camp. Parents who have not paid the fullamount for a camp by the requested date need to make a commitment and arrange this through consultation with the Principal Class.