Minor and Major Accidents

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Minor accidents

Each teacher on duty carries a ‘duty bag’.  The duty bag will contain Band-Aids etc to patch up small accidents. At the Sickbay a staff member responsible will attend to the student. This will be recorded in the First Aid folder in the sickbay. Classroom ‘Yard Duty Bags’ can be restocked through the First Aid Co-Ordinator.


Where required first aid officers in consultation with a PCO will notify families of an illness/injury.


If a student vomits in the classroom the teacher is to call the office advising they are sending the student over. The office will follow through with first aid required. There are a number of saw dust bucket’s located throughout the school i.e. Room 10, Hall Office, Sick Bay, Creative Arts and gym. If a student vomits outside during recess & lunch the yard duty teacher arranges the vomit to be covered by either using the saw dust buckets or using the sandpit. The student comes to the office and the office staff will follow through with first aid processes.

Serious Accidents

All serious accidents to students and teachers are to be written up on the DET Injury Report Forms and signed by the Principal.  From here they are required to be entered on the computer for future reference.