Free Activity Days (FAD)

F.A.D. is one of the older student’s favourite events at M.P.W. It is a culmination of our work with rights and responsibilities and is a great example of an intrinsic reward for following these. F.A.D. is a rite of passage for senior students at the school. 

“Free Activity Day” (or F.A.D.) is an M.P.W. tradition and a great event for everyone involved in the senior school. Parents, students, teachers and school community members are encouraged to run activities throughout the day, including sports, art and craft, games, cooking and an endless variety of activities in and out of the school. One of the main requirements of F.A.D. is good organisation. In the lead up to a F.A.D., students, parents and teachers submit proposals for the activity they would like to run (including duration, the numbers of kids to take part, the space and equipment required). Following this, a F.A.D. planning session is held where students sign up for activities to fill their day.

Students plan their day themselves, accounting for every moment and being prepared for any equipment, costs, etc. that might be required to take part. Students develop a draft timetable, which is then creatively published and kept handy throughout F.A.D.