Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

There is a range of electronic resources available via the library (e.g digital cameras, iPod shuffles and USB microphones).

Student access to the Internet and use of ICTs is included in the Acceptable Use document. Access will only be given to those students who have returned the signed document and returned it to the office.

Information regarding DET guidelines and the use of Social Media in government schools can be found by clicking here

There are various networked computers in each classroom. A technician is employed for 3 days per week. Any computer issues are to be entered into the ICT technician’s book in the Office to ensure that any difficulties are notes ASAP.

MacBooks and iPads are to be returned at the end of each day to the Security Store/cupboard/filing cabinet in your classroom or noted in the Equipment Borrowing Book (in the office) if they are taken out of the school.