Tiger Turf Areas

Topic Progress:
  • Cricket players have right of way on the footy field in Term 1 (Use tennis balls only)
  • People using areas/equipment as intended have right of way (e.g runners on the running track, cricket in the nets, footy on the footy oval, soccer on the soccer pitch, long jump in the long jump pit
  • Please don’t sit under the basketball rings or near the goals
  • For football and soccer, we must follow the agreed school rules (based on official inter school sport rules), including rules about tackling
  • Play ball/contact games at your own risk once you know the rules
  • Always use an umpire; the umpire cannot also be a player
  • Games on the soccer, football and basketball court must stay within the lines
  • Watch out for balls and take responsibility for yourself when you’re on the tiger turf
  • Make sure the padding on the footy goals are on properly. Games need to pause until the pads are back on. Don’t climb on the pads.
  • Try to walk/run around games, courts and the running track, rather than through them
  • Basketball and netball can be played on half the basketball court each: netball at the BER end and basketball at the gym end