In order that proper DET accountability procedures are in place, all staff must take the following steps when purchasing goods.

When making a purchase for the school from your program budget, it is a requirement of the DET that individual purchases over $1000, but less than $3000, must be supported by three verbal quotations. Purchases over $3000 must be supported by three written quotations. The quotations should be attached to the copy of the order remaining in the Order Book.

The Order Book is located in the Business Manager’s Office. Only those with program budget responsibilities should make orders unless they have been delegated this responsibility.


All orders must be accompanied by an order from the Order Book.

Order Forms must be fully completed. This will include:

  • supplier’s name and address
  • ABN number
  • name of contact person
  • name of program budget
  • item description in full – do not write ‘as detailed on invoice’
  • cost – must be included even if only an estimate. (Total cost including GST)

All orders must be signed by the Principal or Assistant Principal

  • leave duplicate (yellow copy) in the Order Book and give Business Manager (blue copy)
  • If orders are cancelled, please inform the Business Manager so that accounting alterations may be made.
  • Personal purchasing may not be arranged through the school or billed to the school.


Staff should check the goods against the copy invoice which is provided by the office and attached to the delivery. Ensure goods received are OK or if there is a part order or further goods to follow.