Curriculum Action Teams

CATs include:

  • Literacy – Helen
  • Numeracy – Adam
  • SWPBS – Lorraine
  • Digital Technologies – James P

CATs are responsible for:

  • Documentation of a viable curriculum (aligned with the Australian Curriculum, using the EPS Curriculum Planning Framework)
  • Building teachers’ capacity to plan effective curriculum
  • Monitoring and adjusting curriculum documents for implementation
  • Development, implementation and adjustment of the assessment schedule

Operations and responsibilities are:

  • All staff participate in a Curriculum Action Team in either Literacy, Numeracy or Digital Technologies
  • Led by the CAT leader (Learning Leaders, Principal& AP).
  • CAT teams are responsible for the documentation of a viable curriculum (aligned with Victorian Curriculum, and the EPS Curriculum Planning Framework), and the monitoring and adjusting for implementation.
  • Each CAT team leader reports back to the School Leadership Team via minutes (school portal), and meets with the School Leadership Team
  • Each CAT meets continuously on a 3 week cycle
  • Agenda is distributed to staff prior to the meeting with opportunity for additions
  • CAT leaders document and submit the work of each CAT to leadership, using a common template