All enrolment enquiries must be directed to the office. When talking with prospective parents, it is important to be non-committal in regards to student numbers, availability within certain classrooms and with certain teachers. Final student numbers determine classes for the following year which is why this process is handled solely by the leadership team.

On enrolment, a confidential child information form, Internet use permission, photograph permission, etc are completed and filed in the office area. Staff will receive a list of the children’s individual permission authorities.


Staff must notify the School Office if they are informed on any change of address, transfer, etc. in order that the emergency information held on CASES21 is always accurate.


The Principal team is responsible for class allocation.

  • Draft structure of classes for the following year is prepared in consultation with staff.
  • Class lists are drafted by staff in consultation with the Principal.
  • Staff are not to discuss allocation of students to classes. This is the responsibility of the Principal and Assistant Principal.