First Aid and Medical Information

For major injuries, an Incident Notification Form must be completed and kept in the office. 

The Accident Form must be completed by the staff member who provided treatment, not by the staff member who was on Yard Duty.

It needs to be completed at the time of treatment.

It is an important legal document and could be referred to in any inquiry into the accident.

This information is transferred on to CASES21 and therefore must be accurate.

If a student is injured or becomes seriously ill whilst in the classroom, the teacher will send them, accompanied by another student, to the office for treatment. The First Aid trained staff member on First Aid duty will notify the class teacher of the treatment, using the forms located in the First Aid Room. The student will be returned to the classroom, left supervised in the First Aid Room or collected by the parent, depending on the nature of the illness or injury.


When taking students on excursions ensure;

  • Students are accompanied by a trained first aid person
  • green first aid bag is taken
  • any student medications are checked and carried at all times (including compulsory epipen)


Your first responsibility is to render assistance to the child. Never move a child if there is any risk of broken limbs or serious complications. Notify the Office for assistance detailing the name of the child and the area in the yard to locate the child.