Foundation Transition

Kindergarten to Foundation transition is an important part of preparing students for school. Local kindergartens will visit EPS School at various times throughout the year which assists with students becoming familiar with the physical set up of a classroom and school grounds.  Foundation transition sessions will be held in Term 4 to welcome new families.

Year 6 Transition

It is the responsibility of the Year 6 teachers to hand out necessary information to students regarding their preferred secondary placements. Emails regarding orientation dates and timelines will be distributed by the Principal to the Year 6 teachers. Throughout the year students will visit a number of local secondary schools to become familiar with the physical set up of the school.

Intra-School Transition

At the end of the year, students participate in transition sessions. Activities revolve around getting to know youand provide a safe environment for students to adapt to change. For students with high needs, additional opportunities to meet their new teacher must be provided.