Yard Duty

All teachers are required to do yard duty, which may also include supervising a pop-up. Full time staff are required to do no more than 75 minutes of yard duty each week and part time staff complete theirs on a pro rata basis. Occasionally a new yard duty timetable is created to accommodate whole school events such as swimming, camps or excursions. Teachers are reminded to be considerate of their colleagues by turning up on timeand wearing a hat following Sun Smart guidelines.

Teachers undertake yard duty to ensure that students remain safe, are engaged in positive play and are supported to resolve conflict. All staff are expected to follow-up incidents in the yard resulting from their yard duty, including logging the incident.

All students who have a head injury (of any kind) must be sent to the First Aid room and parents/carers notified.

Students needing assistance during recess and lunch are required to bring a first aid card from the yard duty bag when they come to the office. Yard duty bags will contain band aids, first aid cards and other basic supplies.